BackPage is very large community for adult personals and hookups, all those who want to find various sexual partners and lovers of carnal pleasure without taboos. Here, you can get quick shots, but also meet the solicitations of couples or invitations for parties … animated!

This adult personals site leaves no room for doubt. Here, we come to find hookups, two or more, with amateurs and amateur hot discussions and adult encounters without taboo. We find BackPage’s trademark in the design and interface of the site, and quickly, we want to discover more!


BackPage is a dating site for getting naughty and fast relationships. It is part of the “new genre” platforms. Thus, by opting for it, you will necessarily get appointments quickly. Easy to take but little known, we regret its excessive prices and its classicism.

BackPage is part of the category of naughty dating sites, just like its competitors Becoquin or Erotilink. It will allow you, through an interface and specific tools, to find men or women located near you, who want a brief adventure of a night or more pleasure in the long term. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you will have to go your way.

How the BackPage site works

The operation of the site is simple. You can easily and quickly exchange videos and photos, more or less intimate, with other users of the platform. The different features are classic, and without any real surprise or innovation. Indeed, BackPage has all the functions that a general site like Meetic can have like the cat and the webcam. In addition, you can enjoy at any time of the day private webcam shows with women, men and even couples. There is no limit on this naughty dating site!

BackPage is a meeting site that is easy to use and easy to handle. Its operation is simple since it includes an interface similar to a wall of classified ads, such as known sites such as Le Bon Coin or eBay for example. These different ads are posted by users wishing above all things naughty fast and close. On this site, you will find necessarily your shoe.

Another point about the use of the website, which remains really simple. Creating an ad is extremely fast, and in addition the profiles are varied and numerous. Users are really responsive, and ads are posted throughout the day. As for linking, it turns out to be very simple. In short, to make quick encounters, qualitative, varied, naughty and fun, BackPage is without a doubt one of the best websites to do that!

In addition, geolocation is also available at the bottom of the page, to find rare pearls near you. You can also see if they are connected to chat online (if the point is green it means they are). On BackPage, all types of women are available. Indeed, the profiles are varied and you can find young people, cougars, infidels, Arabs, mestizos, blacks, Asian but also round women. It will also be possible to choose and refine your research by choosing other criteria such as the type of meetings desired: naughty meeting, short and short-lived adventure, ephemeral but regular hookups, dating or a longer-term vision with the wedding.

The different tools

Here is a listing of different tools available on the BackPage platform:

A cat with a webcam;
A user geolocation feature;
Refined search using different criteria;
Secure and instant messaging
A wall with thousands of controlled profiles

Who is the site for?

You will understand, this platform is mainly addressed to those who want a hookup, whether regular or not. If you are looking for a lasting love or a serious relationship, BackPage is really not the site that will suit you.

Here are the different female targets of BackPage, represented in the community of naughty dating site: single mums, young students, round, oriental, black women, coming from the islands, unfaithful, libertines, naughty, blondes, hairy, with big breasts, naturists, exhibitionists, lesbians or sexy.

How does BackPage members behave?

On the BackPage dating site, there are obviously some rules to follow. To know them all, make sure you understand the rules of the platform before registering. In addition, be aware that if you recognize someone on the site, you will not have to talk to your friends and family! Do not spread false rumors for nothing, it can destroy lives.

In addition, care must be taken to respect the privacy of Internet users in order to maintain the anonymous framework of the platform. Another aspect, thanks to the presence of a lot of certified profiles, respect and reliability are present on the site. In short, the behavior of the members is rather good.

Anyone using this dating site, agrees to neither use nor distribute information related to members of the site, outside the platform. In addition, it should not also broadcast messages, images or videos that are malicious and degrading, and may be offensive to morality.

The Community

Users of the site do not hesitate to assert their desires, according to the image that refers backPage brand: free sex, fun for all, fun!

The community is already well developed, allowing you to quickly find one or more partners available, no matter where you live.

In the following of this review on BackPage, I explain how this very sexy platform works.
Feedback on BackPage, dialogue and meet without taboo

BackPage is in keeping with its time, offering a dynamic site, close to a social network of sex.

How to post personals ads

It is indeed possible to publish statutes according to your desires of the moment, photos more or less sexy, and to interact on publications of other members. Very quickly, one has the pleasant impression to have penetrated within a community of amateurs of very open sex. From the beginning, as a new profile, I was warmly welcomed by several members who offered to help you. Very nice !

For contacts, BackPage does in the traditional, with a classic messaging, a live chat, and a sophisticated search system. Among the appreciable originality of this site, the testimonial section which allows to know the opinion of members on other users, with whom they have for example shared a adult encounter. This creates a real sense of confidence and reassures the most suspicious.

The results are not long, with many messages that arrive in the mail, with proposals that go from the simple ass to offers … much hotter! I leave you the pleasure to discover that!

The site is very complete, easy to use and members have the good habit of responding quickly to messages. With a response rate of about 80%, one can easily start several conversations and thus multiply the naughty conquests.

Let’s see what price we can subscribe to and take advantage of these services, in the wake of this review on BackPage.

If you want to quickly find a hookup, and rub shoulders with users without taboo, the sexy dating site BackPage is a good choice. Hard to know if he will know the same success story as his video branch but in any case, the quality is good.

Protection of your personal data

Regarding the protection of personal data, no problem to be made on BackPage. Indeed, the platform does everything possible to protect your privacy. The site undertakes to scrupulously respect the laws in force concerning personal information. Thus, the famous law “computer and freedoms” of 1978 but also the law for the “confidence in the digital economy” of 2004, are applied on the platform. In addition, each user has a right to access, modify and oppose information concerning him. You can easily exercise this right by mail.

Another important point regarding the use of your personal data. You should know that the different information provided in the registration form can be used by the BackPage platform partners.

Registration Process

To register, all you need to do is fill in the following information:

  • Nickname;
  • Password ;
  • Mail

It should be noted that registration is completely free, and is done quickly and easily.


In order to access all BackPage services, you will need to complete a registration form. Obviously, you must be at least 18 years old. In addition, it will also be asked to accept and understand the terms and obligations of the terms and conditions of the dating site.

Best platform for adult personals

The adult personals site BackPage is a social network of sexy encounters. Perfectly in tune with his time, the site allows you to chat, publish your desires and activities of the moment, react to the sexy posts of other members and add profiles to your friends.

In addition, by browsing the profiles that interest you or by searching for profiles near you, you can consult the opinions of members who have worked with these profiles, which allows to know in advance the experience of some and others.

By the way, on the site, I really liked the very tolerant community. If you are a regular adult personals sites user, you will take your mark easily, but even being a beginner like me, you will be welcomed and guided by members delighted to be able to introduce new people to their pleasures.

The profiles are well made, we read them with pleasure and navigation is smooth. We search, we like, we discuss … and we quickly conclude hookups! The response rate of members is high (out of 10 messages, I receive 8 answers on average) and we do not procrastinate to meet.

The BackPage experience continues with this dating site. Let’s see what to spend to enjoy.